Artist Statement


Silk repeatedly fascinates me anew. I love it's glow, vibrancy, and it's delicate yet durable characteristics. Since becoming engaged with this material, both the way and the means to make the inspiration of our times visible has found me. For this, as well as for the support of many along my path, I am truly grateful.


In the process of creating a piece, I use adapted  techniques and experience of glass painting. Whilst in deep personal process, the many layers of work are fixed in a steam processor. I employ paint, resist and fabric dye approaches, along with ancient Indian and European textile printing blocks that often resemble sacred symbolism. These techniques are combined with uniquely developed methods of body impressions. This gives my pieces a depth that delights the heart and decorates the living area, the therapeutic setting as well as ritual spaces. My draperies are utilized both in private and public platforms and as scarves for special occasions, weddings, baptisms, funerals, etcetera.


Existential and spiritual questions have always occupied me, and are digested and refined during the process of creating a piece. During this process, the inner visions inspired by the wisdom teachings of Ulli Olvedi, Steve Clorfeine, Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Sharon McErlane, among others, accompany me.


Clients report feeling at ease with my cloths, and enjoy wearing them especially during challenging times. A lucky talisman of sorts. Who knows? The silkworm spins it's thread and blankets itself within. This cocoon provides protection in which she continues her development. Perhaps this natural function is transferred to the completed scarf.




Silksoul explores Silk - "fearless dance with 10 meters of silk in sun, wind and water"


Marianne Iten Thürig