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Spiritual Art Project „furchtlos“ (”fearless”)


For the project „furchtlos“ I investigate the fear of death and face the question of how to encounter it: How can I leave in peace?


As an artist I give myself into the tension between primal fear and peace. The kind of deep peace that I have seen in the faces of family members whom I had the privilege to accompany during their last days. How can we cultivate deep peace already in our active life?



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Artistic Realization


1. The question initially leads me to personal experiences with peaceful atmospheres, as well as to people and places where peace is encouraged. I seek personal encounters and invite participating in the project. I ask for text contributions and face prints.


2. My material is silk, in panels of 59 inches width and up to 157 inches length.




The theme is initiated by means of  ritual techniques, and as an element of  design I use face prints. I adapt  techniques from glass painting, silk  painting, fabric print, also using  appliqué and lace.


3. In progress are 10-13 focus themes:

From “agreement” via “feel yourself”

up to “friendship with death".


30 April – 29 October 2017 Exhibition of the silk works in the cloister of Crematory Nordheim, Zürich


Framework Program:


• 30 April 2017 Opening Ritual

with open singing, conducted by

Susanna Mäder, College for Rituals



• 12 August 2017 Performance

directed by Steve Clorfeine www.steveclorfeine.com The ensemble, consisting of his long term students and professional dancers, prior will develop in a workshop with Steve Clorfeine the play for the exhibition. The performance takes place in the inner courtyard of the crematory. flyer


• 29 Oktober 2017 Open Drumming with the group Pacha Mama, directed by Livia Sauter, Drum Chief Lebenstanz. www.singenumdietrommel.ch


Project Management „furchtlos“


Marianne Iten Thürig: Concept, works, organization www.silksoul.ch   www.farbreise.ch

Counsel and Supervision

Christoph Zihlmann: Organization, administration www.christophzihlmann.com

Andy Thürig: Organization, sponsoring

Pictures Beatrice Sackmann www.flowfly.ch


Exhibition Venue

Crematory Nordheim,

Käferholz Street 101, 8046 Zurich


Organization: Rolf Steinmann,

Director Burial Office Zürich

Spiritual Art Project, furchtlos, fearless, Krematorium Nordheim, Zürich


Marianne Iten Thürig personal details

Born in Zurich 26 August 1960

Resident in Cham


Education as a glass painter at Unterägeri 1978- 1981, education as a social worker at Luzern 1994-1997, education as an art therapist MA, Wallis 2002-2007. Mother of 2 adult children.


 As a social worker and art therapist I have encountered survivors and people tired of life. They allowed me to look into their mania and great misery. They also showed me ingenious strategies of how to come into peace with life and themselves.


Art therapy provides me with peaceful tools for the contact with the human being.


After 14 years in the social-psychiatric work area, in 201 I have established an atelier for silk art in Cham. Here I draw from the various working experiences, merging the knowledge of glass painting with own developments in silk design and ancient-novel ways of art. Here scarves for private clients and artwork for exhibitions come into existence.


My artistic work is influenced by the spiritual wisdom of my Christian origin and by teachers as Ulli Olvedi, Steve Clorfeine, Sharon McErlane, Susanna Mäder.

Spiritual Art Project, furchtlos, fearless, Krematorium Nordheim, Zürich Spiritual Art Project, furchtlos, fearless, Krematorium Nordheim, Zürich