silksoul performance

A mysterious blue cube stands in the dark. The auditorium's dim lighting fades and silence descends upon the audience.

Eyes, taking time to adjust, finally recognize subtle shades of color and light. As strains of extraordinary music fills the room, the journey begins.

Is dawn breaking, or spring beginning?

Are fish swimming in the sea, or are we flying to Mars?

Gossamer fabrics wave breezily in the cube which now appears airborne, the installation vibrating and glowing colorfully.

Is a storm brewing?

Menacing violet gives way to deeply saturated orange and finally bright yellow in desert's silence.



"Farbreise" (Color Journey) is a musically accompanied performance by Marianne Iten Thürig.

"In my work with silk I experience the sensuality of color very directly."

Colors are my oceans, my continents. With colors I embark on journeys to inner and outer worlds. With colors I experience emotions, unfathomable depths and high altitude flights.


Colors want to be discovered. When I suspect a new one, I mix, hold the glass up to the sunlight, test, until it's luminance persuades. When I become one with the color, calmness overcomes me, an awareness of being. Working with silk requires profuse presence. To be in the color means diving into it, with just the appropriate amount printed or painted within it's designated area.


Commentary from the audience

"It was like a flight over and through the sea towards the sun! I enjoyed it very much and loved the colors!" Ronja

"Without words, expressing so much. From silence to narration, from depth to boundlessness. From day and night, from darkness and dawn and daylight - mourning, suffering and hope. Saying what cannot be voiced." Johanna

"Being here, coming here, to be here." Peter